1588 PTP
(Engineering Sample)
FE QoS Switch
- ORG400
- ORG700
- ORG800
- ORG1600
GbE QoS Switch
- OR2G600
- QOP500/510
- QOP505/515
QoS Manager
- QM300i
- QM100

QoS Management - QM 300i

QoS Management

1. QoS Management Chip Solution

QM series are the first professional QoS management chip solution for value-added QoS services and its management, optimized for access-to-middle edge gateways that must support service-guaranteed quality of services (QoS) for hundreds or thousands of service flows. With the help of embedded packet processor, the QoS Management discerns much bigger number of flows than hardware-fixed ASIC solutions, controls their bandwidth with respect to the services, and regulates flooding flows for each services. Its bandwidth shaping and/or limiting on every flow make such services stable, profitable as entertainment, game, media streaming, and etc.

2. L2/3/4 Performance, NAT, NApT
- 3-port x MII
One for uplink (WAN), one for downlink (LAN), one for CPU
- 4~2 Priority Queues for a port
Priority queues
SPQ (Strict priority queue)
DWRR (deficit weighted round-robin)
- Thousands of Flows (virtual queues) Support
Defined by MAC, IP, Port source/destination addresses or their combination (socket)
- SCE (smart classification engine) Embedded
128-level classification by PHY port, S/D MAC address, Ether type, 802.1p, VID, TOS, Protocol,
S/DIP address, TCP/UDP S/D port #
- SGE (subnet grouping engine) Embedded
- Embedded Lookup Table
Up-to 4k flows
- IEEE 802.1Q Support: VLAN
Based on port, MAC, tag, subnet protocol
- 128Mb SDRAM Packet Buffer (External)
Up-to 2K packets
- IEEE 802.3x Pause Function: flow control
- IEEE 802.1p Support: Priority in VLAN tag
- IEEE 802.1x Support: Authentication
- Broadcast Storm Control
3. Home/SOHO/SME QoS Gateway
QoS Management
4. Key Features
- Bandwidth measurement for flows
- Virtual Output Queues (VOQ)
Thousands of flows are discerned and assigned to queues according to policies.
Pass/drop decision for a packet is made by referencing to its designated queue status
- IPC (internal packet control) Network Processor
2048-byte packet processing
Insert/delete/translation full support
IPv6 tunneling
64~1522-byte packet generation
Complete register setting
- Scheduler
WAN port: 1k depth, 4 priority queues,SPQ/DWRR, Port BW limit
LAN port: 256 depth, 2 priority queues, SPQ/normal, Port BW limit
IPC port: 512 depth, 2 priority queues, SPQ/normal, Port BW limit
- Shaping
2-byte escape processing
100Kbps granularity (100Mbps>99.9 Mbps >99.8Mbps ‘¦)
- Priority-bit field (802.1p) remarking in a VLAN tag as per:
User priority bits of VLAN tag, Ether Type field value,
TOS field value of IPv4 header, Flow label field value of
IPv6 header, Priority packets assigned to priority queues.
- Direct PPPoE frame setting without reference to the TOS field and Traffic Class field
Ether Type field value: 0x8863, 0x8864
- Access Control List (ACL) & Flow-Based Policing
Based on MAC address, IP address, TCP/UDP number, and their combination
Enhanced by CAM
- NAT/NAPT for thousands of entries

QoS Management
5. More Information of QM300i