1588 PTP
(Engineering Sample)
FE QoS Switch
- ORG400
- ORG700
- ORG800
- ORG1600
GbE QoS Switch
- OR2G600
- QOP500/510
- QOP505/515
QoS Manager
- QM300i
- QM100

SoC of NP - QOP 500/510

Network Processor

1. NP Switch (OctaveRG) Features
- ORG800/1600-based network processor (NP) switch
- 7 (QOP500) / 15 (QOP510) half and full-duplex FE ports
  from NP switch and 1 FE/GbE port from CPU
- 120-byte packet header lookup -> all field remarkable
- Address & policy table embedded: up to 4K entries
- Packet buffer embedded
- 4K VLAN support
- IEEE 802.1Q support based on port, MAC, tag, subnet protocol
- Stacked VLAN (Q-in-Q)
- IGMP snooping support: v1, v2, v3
- Filtering against broadcast storm and by L2~L4 fields:
  filtering rules can be added if necessary
- Link Aggregation function -IEEE 802.3ad
- Management support: SNMP, RMON, SMON
- Flow control (IEEE 802.3x pause function)
- Loop resolution ?STP (Spanning Tree Protocol), Rapid STP (802.1W), Per VLAN STP
- IPv6 switch ready due to 120-bytes header lookup
2. L2/3/4 Performance, NAT, NApT
- Wire-speed Layer 2/3 switching and Layer 4 policy based switching
- Wire-speed NAT/NApT
- Wire-speed session detection and access control
3. System Peripherals
- LCD: API and reference code for character/graphic/ STN LCD
- UART: supports 2 channels
- GPIO: supports external interrupt (max. 4 ports)
- SPI: DMA/interrupt-based operation modes
- DMA for Graphic (GDMA): supports 1 channel
4. QoS All Features Covered
- ACL (access control list) by L1 ~ L4 (12-tuple)

NetBIOS/NetBEUI, mask;/range match,
unicast/multicast/broadcast;/unknown MAC,
unicast/multicast IP packet
- ACL Output
Remarking, VLAN ID insert, filtering, port redirection, port mirroring, CPU redirection, CPU mirroring
- Prioritization
L2 CoS, L3 IPv4 TOS, L3 IPv4 DSCP, L3 IPv4 IP-precedence packet type (unicast/multicast), IPv6 TC
- Policing
Granularity, token bucket, priority based
multi-stage policing, operation position, port based policing, flow based policing
- Shaping
Buffering max, size, port based shaping, class based shaping
- Scheduling
- Rate control support
5. Intergrated ARM9 as Host CPU besides NP
- ARM926EJ: 220MHz@1.2V
- 8KB D-Cache / 8KB I-Cache with MMU for supporting Linux, Nucleus, and more
  Debug port with an embedded trace module
- AMBA2.0, AHB/APB architecture
- Includes Java acceleration
- Wireless modem interface: CF+, SDIO
- Network support: TCP/UDP/IP, ICMP, HTTP, DHCP, NTP, TFTP
- Network interfaces: 1-port 10/100 Base-T Ethernet (MII) LAN, ADSL, Cable modem interface

Network Processor

6. More Information of QOP 500/510